about us

about us

Quranic Institute for the Followers of the Meshkat of the Quran and Atrat (AS) with the abbreviated name of the Quranic Institute for the Meshkat of the Quran in 1398 with the presence of Professor Qara Sheikh Lou, then head of the Dar al-Quran Organization, Professor Shahriyar Parhizkar Qari and international memorizer of the Holy Quran Karim Ustad Amir Aghaei, International Judge and Hafiz, Ustad Mehdi Abbasi Hafez International and other prominent national professors and Quran lovers of Alborz province were inaugurated.

Promoting Quranic activities in the country, providing a basis for more familiarity with the Holy Quran and humanizing the Holy Quran and exalting concepts, as well as publishing and expanding the fragrant spiritual atmosphere of the Quran in the community has been one of the most important goals of the institute.

At present, the classes of the Quranic Institute of Meshkat are held in absentia in Skyroom. For more information and registration, you can call 09163430052 (Muridi).

One of the biggest activities of this institute is holding Quranic competitions, which are held every year with the presence of international judges, memorizers and reciters of the Holy Quran.

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