Deadline for registration of international competitions of the imitative reading : February 20

first of June 2022


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Introducing the top winners of the international imitation recitation competition

The final stage of the third edition of the Mashkat International Qur'an Competition was held in the evening of Saturday, April 18, in Tehran.

Registration Begins for Meshkat international Holy Quran competition

In order to spread the teachings of the Holy Qur'an and strengthen the unity of the Islamic Ummah, as well as, to honor the selected Qur'anic reciters and memorizers of Islamic world, the cultural and Quranic institute(Meshkat) in cooperation with the Imam Reza shrine, with the blessings of Allah, is proud to hold the of 3th Meshkat International Holy Qur'an Competition (2023 AD/1445 AH)


About Meshkat

Quranic competitions in 1398 for the first time in Alborz province was held in person and nearly 500 memorizers and reciters of the Holy Quran participated in this competition, which was welcomed by the Quran friends of this province and with a magnificent presence of 7000 people Closing of these competitions This competition was held in 1399 for the second year while many Holy Quran competitions in the Islamic world were closed due to the spread of Corona, but nearly a thousand people from Tehran and Alborz provinces competed in these competitions in absence. they paid. The third round of Quranic competitions was held in 1400 at the national level and in absence, and 10417 people participated in these competitions. In this period of competitions, the fields of imitation reading and concepts were added to the sections of the competitions, and the closing of these competitions was held in Eram Park, observing the health protocols, and welcoming Quran friends from all over the country.

A word from the CEO

Hojjatoleslam and Muslims Mojtaba Mohammadi

Meshkat Holy Quran Competitions is held in order to promote Quranic activities and provide a basis for more and more with the sublime and humanizing concepts of the Holy Quran, as well as publishing and expanding the spiritual and fragrant atmosphere of the Holy Quran in the community. Since the holding of three Quranic competitions of Meshkat was met with a glorious welcome from the dear friends of the Quran, it was decided to hold this event in the fourth round to the international level.