Introducing the top winners of the international imitation recitation competition

The final stage of the third edition of the Mashkat International Qur'an Competition was held in the evening of Saturday, April 18, in Tehran.

  • 7 April 2024

In this Quranic competition which was held virtually, the international judges were Mr. Mohammad Hossein Sabzeali, Mohammad Hossein Saidian, Abbas Imam Juma, Mehdi Qara Sheikhlo, Hamidreza Ahmadi Wafa, Ahmad Al Badari from Iraq and Abrar Hossein from Iran. Pakistan was in charge of judging this stage.
And at the end, after reviewing the works that made it to the final stage and in a close competition, the best people were announced as follows.

Mr. Hamidullah Fayazi from Afghanistan, first rank - introduction
Mr.  Syamsuri  Abdullah  from the Republic of Indonesia, second place - introduction
Mr. Ali Zakari from the Islamic Republic of Iran, third place- introduction
Mr. Amirhossein Anwari from the Islamic Republic of Iran, fourth place- introduction
Mr. Mohammad Osman Ghani from the Republic of Bangladesh ranked fifth- introduction
Mr. Shahab Ahmed Hassan Ahmed from the Arab Republic of Egypt, sixth place- introduction
Mr. Ammar Salem Ali Al-Hamid from the Republic of Iraq ranked seventh- introduction
Mr. Brahim Bougaleb from the Kingdom of Belgium, ranked 8th- introduction
Mr. Ali Reza Adili from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, ranked 9th- introduction

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