Registration for the reading aloud course was extended until February 11

  • 1 January 2022


Registration for the reading aloud course was extended until February 11
Dear competitors, following the request of a large number of competitors to extend the deadline for submitting the work, informs that this time has been extended until February 13
The deadline had already been announced on 13 Bahman.


Regulations of the International Holy Quran Recitation Competition Meshkat

‏And He sent down from our Qur'ans, He is the Healer, the Merciful, the Believers, and the Exalted in Might, the Wise.
‏And We send down from the Qur'an that which is a source of healing and mercy for the believers, while it only increases the wrongdoers.
‏(Al - Isra , Verse 80)

‏Holding Quran competitions is one of the programs in the field of promoting religious and Quranic activities in Meshkat Quranic Institute and with the aim of providing a ground for more familiarity with the Holy Quran and the humanizing of the Holy Quran and the sublime concepts as well as publishing and expanding. The fragrant spiritual atmosphere of the Quran in the society has always been the concern of the board of trustees of the Quranic Institute of Problems.
‏Accordingly, after holding three rounds of the glorious Holy Quran competition by this institute, the Holy Quran recitation contest will be held internationally and virtually in imitation of the late Professor Abdul Basit Mohammad Abdul Samad.

‏Terms of participation in the competition
‏This special competition for men is held in all countries of the world and without age restrictions.
‏Register and record and send the video through the competition site to:
‏Candidates for participation in the competition are required to enter all the details in full when registering.

‏Note: It is necessary to enter a valid national code for Iranian volunteers and a valid email address for non-Iranian volunteers.

Contest source
‏Recitation of the first verse of Surah Al-Mubarakah Al-Qiyamat (1 to 4) with the voice of the late Master Abdul Basit Mohammad Abdul Samad

‏Registration and recording of reading video from January 3 to February 3
‏Judging of the first stage, February 10 to 14
‏Judging of the second stage from February 14 to February 24
‏Judging of the third stage from 25 to 27 February
‏Closing and announcement of the top people on March 01 coincides with the 27th of Rabi al-Awal, the Messenger of Islam

‏First person: $ 1,000
‏Second place: $ 700
‏Third person: $ 500

‏referee committee:

1)‏Professor Taha Abdolvahab from Egypt- Judge of voice and tone

2)‏Professor Rezvan Darwish from Syria - Judge of voice and tone

3)Professor Hossein Karami from Iran - Judge of voice and tone

4)‏Professor Mohammad Hossein Saeidian from Iran - Judge of voice and tone

5)‏Professor Mohammad Hossein Sabzali from Iran - Judge of voice and tone

6)Professor Karim Mansouri from Iran - Judge of voice and tone

7)‏Professor Abdonaser Harak from Egypt- Judge of Tajweed

8)Professor Ahmad Abolqasemi from Iran - Judge of Tajweed

9)‏Professor Abbas Imam Jomeh from Iran - Judge of Tajweed

10)‏Professor Mahdi Qarashikhloo from Iran - Judge of Tajweed

Competition website address:
‏Competition Instagram page: @
‏Email of the competition secretariat:
‏Competition Secretariat Phone: 02191016154
Arabic respondent (WhatsApp): +989924643244
‏English respondent (WhatsApp): +989924643243


Imitation part reading arbitration regulations Meshkat



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