Invitation Dr. Taha Abdol-Vahab

  • 29 January 2022

Invitation Dr. Taha Abdol-Vahab to participate in the international competition Meshkat for part reciting

My Quranic brothers and Quran lovers; I sincerely invite you to participate in the great Quranic history organized by the Meshkat Quranic Institute;
A contest that is unique. When I saw the commercials, I was surprised by its very good style and method.
Every qari should recite the verses of the beginning of Surah Al-Qiyamat in the manner of the late Abd al-Basit.
Of course, I emphasize Abd al-Basit's method, not mere imitation
The contestant must see how Abd al-Basit reads the house and according to his method
I wish success to everyone, your servant Taha Abdul Wahab

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