Registration for the International Holy Quran Competition in 2022

Registration for the International Holy Quran Competition in 1401 began Registration for the national and international competitions of the Holy Quran Meshkat will begin on Saturday, June 12, and will continue until July 10.

  • 9 June 2022

The second international course Meshkat Holy Quran Competition

Our youth should enter the field of Quran recitation, especially memorization of the Quran, which we need to memorize [the Quran] very much; I said a few years ago;  some efforts have been made, but we are still a long way from that. If you want to provide those ten million, the way is for our teenagers to enter the valley of the Qur'an; Adolescent who enters is easy to maintain; The way is for this to happen in mosques; Let every mosque become a Quranic base; ... 
Statements of the Supreme Leader in the gathering with the Holy Quran 14/01/1401


"Meshkat Holy Quran National Competition" in order to promote the country's Quranic activities and provide a basis for more and more harmony with the Holy Quran and humanizing the Holy Quran and sublime concepts, as well as publishing and expanding the spiritual and fragrant atmosphere of the Quran in the community. It has been taken care of by the officials and officials of the Mishkat Quranic Institute.
Last year, the Mushkat Holy Quran National Competition was greeted with a glorious welcome by dear friends of the Quran, and more than 10,000 people from all over Iran participated in the competition. The reciters of the Holy Quran from Islamic countries met very well and more than 50 countries participated in this competition.

Introducing competitions and disciplines 

Meshkat International Holy Quran Competition is held virtually in the fields of memorizing the whole Holy Quran, especially for men and women, and imitation recitation for men.

Terms of participation in competitions

 1- Complete registration on the competition site at and completing the registration form 
Note 1: Registration of all details (especially WhatsApp number) is mandatory and incomplete registration will result in cancellation of the competition.
Note 2: Candidates must register by valid email. 

2. Candidates can only participate in one of the competitions, otherwise in any stage of the competition that proves otherwise, the participant will be eliminated from the competition.

3- Due to the fact that the competitions are held virtually, esteemed candidates are required to have the necessary facilities such as high-speed Internet, smart phone or laptop (laptop) and headphones to participate in the virtual test.

 4- Using a mobile phone camera is no different from a professional camera and is up to the participant. But the mobile phone camera needs to be set horizontally and steadily.
Note 1: The recorded video file must belong to a volunteer without sound effects and speakers; Otherwise, the candidate will be eliminated from the competition. 

5. The video recording of the recitations should be done only by a camera, with a closed frame, from a close-up view; So that the face of the performer is completely clear.

 6- It is necessary for the image to have the necessary clarity and the sound to have sufficient clarity.
Note 1: The use of sound system and effects is prohibited and the recitation must be recorded and sent dry. 
Note 2: There is nothing wrong with using handsfree to improve sound quality. 
Note 4: The received videos of the men will be published in cyberspace and Iran Radio and Television after the end of the competition, so pay attention to the place, the view and the beauty of your face when recording the film.
* If the participant detects deviation from any of these cases, the submitted video will not be judged. * 

7- The judges of the first and final stage of the field of preserving all women and the users of the site are all female professors, and the religious issues have been fully observed.

 8- The only way for the competition headquarters to communicate with the competitors will be through WhatsApp messengers, so be sure of entering your WhatsApp number when registering.

Course Description: 
The field of imitation reading

 1- The competition of imitation reading for men is held without age restrictions.

 2- The source of this course will be 4 readings available on the competition site at the discretion of the candidate.
A) Recitation of Surah Al-Inshiqaq, verses 6 to the end of Surah, by the late Master Shahat Mohammad Anwar

 B) Recitation of Surah Al-Balad, verses 1 to 18, by the late Master Abdul Basit Mohammad Abdul Samad 

C) Recitation of Surah Al-Hashr, verses 22 to the end of Surah, by the late Master Mohammad Sadiq Manshawi

D) Recitation of Surah Al-Baqarah, verses 250 to 252, by the late Master Mustafa Ismail

3- Dear candidate of the first stage of the field of imitation reading, in order to participate in this exam, it is necessary to record and upload only the relevant verses of the above-mentioned verses after registering and completing the specifications of the video.

4- The time of the sent reading video should not be more than 6 minutes. 

5- Before recording the film, state your name and surname, age and country, and it is better to say acknowledgment before reciting the supplication and Bismillah and after the recitation.

 6- A mobile phone or computer can be used to record and send the video file, but the points mentioned in paragraph 4 of the conditions for participating in the competition must be observed.

7- The submitted films will be announced in two stages of judging and the best people for the international final stage. The jury consists of the top professors and judges of the Islamic countries. 

8- The sources of the imitation reading test in the final stage are the same as the 4 readings of the first stage, and the candidates will not be able to change their reading.

The field of conservation 

1- The competition for memorizing the whole Holy Quran will be held for men and women. 

2- The only way for the competition headquarters to communicate with the competitors will be through WhatsApp messengers, so be sure of entering your WhatsApp number when registering. 

3- This test will be in the form of live video communication. 

4- After completing the registration information of the contestants on the competition site, the executive committee will announce the time of the competition to them and will be contacted by the jury in a visual way and will answer the referee's questions.
Note 1: If the match is not available for video communication according to the announced schedule or is not ready to participate in the contest, it will be removed from the contest. 
Note 2: After the deadline for registration of the competition, the competition executive committee will contact the candidates of the field of conservation to confirm the registration and the necessary coordination through WhatsApp.

 Tournament prizes: 
International reading discipline 
First person: 800,000,000 Rials
Second person: 700,000,000 Rials
 Third person: 600,000,000 Rials
 International Conservation major
 First person: 800,000,000 Rials.
Second person: 700,000,000 Rials.
 Third person: 600,000,000 Rials.

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